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Microchipping your pet is a great way to make sure you never lose your pet. In fact, studies suggest that microchipping is useful in return for about 8,000 lost dogs, cats, and other animals to pet parents on a daily basis.

Microchip identification simply means using Pet ID chips to find lost pets and return them home. The entire procedure of microchipping is quick, easy, safe, and affordable.

When should I microchip my pet?
Microchipping is a completely safe procedure that can be done at any age. A lot of pet parents think that their pet does not need identification chips because they stay indoors. However, such pets are likely to get lost if they get outside. There are many other situations in which you can get separated from your cat or dog. Therefore, identification via microchipping is important to reunite with a pet.

Working of Microchipping
The working of microchip identification is quite easy. A very small microchip is injected under the skin of your pet, typically between the shoulder blades. It is a completely harmless veterinary procedure. It is a permanent procedure, as the chip will last for the entire life of the pet. A certain barcode number is used to register the information of your pet.

If a pet is found by a shelter or animal hospital, they will scan the pet for a microchip and extract the information to contact you about where you can pick up your pet.