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Parasite Prevention

Parasite prevention for dogs and other pets is critical as many parasites can end up causing severe health conditions. We provide parasite prevention services for all kinds of pets to ensure their health is in the best condition.

Dangers of Parasites

  • Dangerous parasites can cause serious illness and even death.
  • Ticks can transmit Lyme disease, and fleas can transmit tapeworms.
  • Bartonella is a serious bacteria that can affect pet parents by causing cat-scratch fever.
  • Heartworm transmitted by mosquitoes can cause significant damage to the pet’s lungs and heart and can even cause death.
  • Parasites like roundworms and hookworms can affect gut health and can be transmitted to humans as well.

It is important to note that you might not be able to identify the fact that your pet has parasites because fleas and ticks tend to get hidden under the pet’s fur. Moreover, some of the ticks are so small that they are very difficult to see.

Our experienced and trained staff can give you advice about suitable medications to use to control ticks, fleas, and other types of parasites. Regular pet parasite testing is vital to protect the health of your pet and yourself. We can help you look for the signs of parasites to prevent parasites from affecting your pet in the first place.