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Newport Animal Hospital is a one-stop treatment clinic for all of your pet-related medical issues and diseases. We offer high-quality surgery services to ensure you get the best treatment for your pet from our team of professional veterinary doctors and specialized surgeons.

We can deal with both complex and common surgical procedures like neutering and spaying. A thorough wellness examination is conducted to determine whether surgery is essential to resolve the problem.

You can completely trust us with your pet’s health and expect us to perform the surgery in the best possible manner.

  • Our surgeons are highly skilled, trained, and experienced in performing veterinary surgeries.
  • We provide reliable pre-op and post-op services to ensure your pet gets the best care.
  • Special attention is paid to patient safety and pain management.
  • Usage of state-of-the-art surgical equipment and practices to achieve the surgery results.
  • Our team of caring professionals will monitor your pet throughout the various stages of surgery.
  • Medical attention and regular checkups until complete recovery of your pets.

Newport Animal Hospital is proud to work with veterinary specialists for cases that require specific complex procedures and treatment plans.

If you have any concerns or questions about your pet's surgery, such as queries related to anesthesia, pain management, or post-op care, you can reach out to us.